Hearing Aid Services

The technological advances seen in the last few years in hearing instruments are mind blowing. They are No longer just basic amplifiers. Digital technology and innovation help us program our hearing aids to minimize background noise, improve speech clarity, reduce feedback whistling, and even learn what volume settings a wearer prefers. Thus a good prescription is mandatory for adequate compensation. A good hearing aid without proper fitting is value less. There is more to a successful hearing aid fitting than just selling you a product.

At Shravan the hearing care professional will make an effort to understand your hearing need and will help you figure out which of the many hearing aid options best fits your needs. 'We Help Your Ears to Hear speech better, not just sounds'

Value of prescription

Hearing aid [Product] can be purchased from various centres including internet. The product you get is the same. To benefit the hearing aid has to be programmed and fitted depending on each individual need.

Efficient prescription / fitting protocol is of paramount importance to achieve the maximum benefit. The value of the product you buy hence is directly proportional to the quality of fitting. Unfortunately this importance is underestimated by the majority.

Sound is a complex energy so are the hearing loss parameters. Modern hearing aids are high technology, revolutionary products. We need to adapt this Technology to the patient's hearing loss.

To understand the above and match them with the patient need is hence a complex and difficult activity. Hence always spend some time and energy to select a good reliable fitting centre.

Hearing Health care delivery

At Shravan a total hearing solutions is offered. We follow a 3 tier system of ENT specialist, Audiologist and Hearing Aid retailer. It helps us to better our coordination and accountability and help give quality service to our hearing impaired patients”

ENT specialist

Every patient is first seen by the ENT specialist who does a total evaluation of the patients. The risky activity of ear cleaning is meticulously done by the specialist. Treatable conditions detected are recommended for cure. The candidature for hearing aid fitting is also finalised by the specialist. The patient is then referred to the Audiologist.

Hearing Aid retailer

The retailer will provide the hearing aid and will help in the after sale service needs of the hearing aids. They will be responsible to coordinate with the hearing aid company to provide the warranty service and repair services.

Pediatric [Child] Fitting

Providing amplification for infants and children is a complex and challenging endeavor. To provide adequate fit in a child, is more difficult than in adults as they have some unique requirements to be looked into. Additional care, expertise and experience is hence needed for this specialised activity.

Some of the problems faced in a child hearing aid fitting are
Shravan Protocol for Child fit

Evaluation by ENT specialist including Ear canal cleaning which is more difficult. The Audiologist uses a combination of objective test including Threshold BERA study as guide to achieve a good fit. Their endeavuor is to achieve optimal amplification. The fitting process resulting in less amplification will hinder adequate speech development. Excessive delivery may result in further hearing loss and intolerance.

Role of Parents

Active participation of the parents is necessary during the fitting session. Parents will be instructed as to how they can utilise the ling sounds to screen the frequency response of the hearing aid. They have to play an active role in helping the audiologist in this process to provide optimal amplification. Kindly remember the hearing aid fitting for paediatric population is an ongoing process. Multiple visits post fitting is a rule to achieve optimal amplification.

Auditory Verbal Therapy[AVT]:

To help the child in the listening training process it is advisable that every child post hearing aid fitting undertake AVT. Auditory verbal therapy/ Auditory training is mandatory for helping children develop speech and language skills trough listening

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