Educational Programmes


The importance of education and health is well understood by our society. Many schools have dental and eye check, but rarely is ENT check up done. Some schools do it as a part of general health check. It is most unfortunate that the educators and care givers have not yet visualized or understood this emergency need. Our studies indicate a high percentage of school children, without complaints, need ENT care / help. Shravan School Academic health care program is directed at fulfilling this vacuum. [For more contact]

School Academic ENT program

Hearing is the most essential input for academic learning. 15 to 18% children in this group have hearing deficit. In addition other ENT correctable conditions like, speech and language deficit, adenoiditis, mouth breathing, catarrhal child, learning disability etc go untreated as in these instances the child is unlikely to complaint. Combined we find 20 to 25% of children without complaints in this group need help. The best way to detect them early and give corrective remedy is by proper ENT check up of all children in primary and lower section. School based programs are more convenient. For Hearing Handicap

School Speech and Language Therapy program

Shravan is a strong supporter of inclusive education. Through this program we offer therapy support to children with special needs in school. Our Speech and language pathologist will offer help and guidance with the evaluation and initiation of IEP [Individual Education program].

Therapy is offered for

Teachers and Parental Guidance

From time to run we offer guidance talk / counseling to parents. Talk are also arranged in school etc to reach the maximum.